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MV's Summer Discipleship Track

By Laura Campbell in Mercyview 8 months ago | 846 views Link:
Join others at Mercyview for 6 weeks of intensive discipleship training.  From May 18-June 29, the Mercyview SDT will help you grow in your faith:
  • from learning to delight in God
  • to studying His Word
  • to sharing your faith with the lost

You will be part of a community that grows together and ministers together.  

Any Mercview partner/guest is welcome. There’s a May 1st application deadline. If interested in finding out specifics, you may sign-up at the connection table on Sunday or let us know here. You may also connect with Justin Moore or email 

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Mercyview is a growing, diverse, grace-filled faith community that is exploring what it means to live out the good news of Jesus in a great North American urban center.

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