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Equip Class: Anxiety, Fear, and the God of Rest

By Laura Campbell in Mercyview about 1 year ago | 369 views
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So, what makes you anxious or fearful?  What do you worry about?  Let’s not kid ourselves: no one is immune from anxiety and fear.  Anxiety can become so much a part of our everyday life that we can get comfortable with it.  God spoke words of encouragement to the anxious all through the pages of scripture.  His tone and approach to the fearful was always full of care.  But we are called to step out of worry and walk towards Him with faith and obedience.  How does this transformation take place? This is precisely the question we plan to tackle in the next Mercyview Equip Group.  

It will meet every Monday of October from 7p – 9p at TMBN.

Copies of Anxiety by Robert Kellerman will be made available for $5 to you.

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Discussion about this event

Emily Baker on 09/24/2017

David plans to join

Elizabeth Floyd on 09/30/2017

Hey friends, it is not too late, you can sign up now online or tomorrow at the worship service. We have plenty of books for $5 each, we will collect money at the first meeting. Don’t miss out and come join us! Just come find John or Elizabeth tomorrow to get your book. God is at work!

October 02
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
4502 E 29th St
Tulsa OK 74114
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Kinsey McMillan (1)

Corey Miller (2)

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